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Made for the people on the go

Essentials that last forever 

A companion by your side.

Catching up in our day to day hectic life can take a toll on our minds. It’s the bustling city life, the never ending search for parking and the long drive home. 

So you’ve had a long week, you’re off duty and you look forward to finally have some time off to feel good about yourself again and best believe, you truly deserve to. 

When the time comes, you cherish a good companion to keep you accompanied of your off days. If grocery shopping is what therapeutic for you, or that cafe hopping you’ve been missing, and maybe to finally go on a little adventure you’ve been putting off, it will be there with you. 

Minimalist. Functional. Spacious. 

Sometimes we just need to get back to spending time with doing what we love with the right companion, or in another term, a friend. A friend to share your good and bad times with. A friend that serves as a reminder that everything will be okay, and that we can embrace any day because you’ll always have a friend that will never leave your side. 

Off Duty Satchel is a faithful companion for your daily adventures. A large, spacious design provides plenty of room for all your necessities, preparing you for life. Wherever you go, find comfort in knowing that you will always have a friend with you. 


A good life is all about finding balance. Whether you're chasing you're dreams or feeling uninspired, Off Duty is a loyal companion that keeps pace with you or that friend that rides with you on wound down days.  

Launching on the 2nd of November, Off duty is ready to take on an adventure with you. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and be the first one to find out what the other colour is!

2nd nov 2022

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