the beauty in simplicity

a beautiful modest life

simplicity is a thing of beauty

a beautiful modest life, and how life could be when everything is much simpler. Have you ever wondered what life is like when there’s no places to be, no deadline and life is simply just about being.

being in the present and realising that if you look around you, there’s beauty in fresh air, letting the wind blows your hair, raindrops on your skin and the smell of freshly cut grass and fruits as a reminder that there’s always something for you to feel good about.

timeless and graceful

at times when things get really crowded, hectic and noisy, don’t you wish to just go back to when things were just simple?

kebun kecil is the place you get to relive the memories of what it’s like to live that simple life again.

in Kebun Kecil, we take inspiration from the calmness and beauty surrounding us and we pour it into the pieces that we make, for you.

“how can you make something beautiful without knowing who you are making it for?” 

february 6th, 2023