Hard Conversations

Have you ever had a moment of in denial when you know it’s lingering at the back of your mind? When you feel that way, do you embrace it, or do you ignore it? Time to time, we have been told to be positive and what does it really mean to be positive. It’s hard because we are human with emotions dealing with day-to-day circumstances. Is it wrong to feel somewhat negative at times?

When it gets too much, tough conversation is there for us to embrace all our emotions and it’s time to let it out. Negative emotions don’t mean that we are bad people, but simply just feeling bad and with the right mindset, it can be channeled into something positive. Negative feeling is just a pent-up emotion waiting to be heard.

It’s hard to be told to be positive, when all you want is just to be let out because it’s not easy to be honest with who you really are, and how you really feel. Therefore, tough conversation if it is not to have with someone else, it is something we can do with our own selves. It’s time to take a pen and paper and write your heart out. You will be your best listener because it’s time for us to be honest with ourselves.

This collection celebrates the mess that makes us; imperfect perfection of being comfortable in your own skin; the openness of accepting rejection, courage of admitting to your fault and the will to better yourself. Because we are all humans.