When you’re having a bad day or you’re due for a lil pick me up, sometimes all you need is a some me time with your comfort food and a maybe, bouquet of pretty flowers. Just that little boost of serotonin to turn your day around. That’s how we wish this Flores collection would make you feel.

Flores is a selection of vibrant coloured pants that resembles a bouquet of pretty flowers. The pants are made out of the softest fabric and is as comfortable as your comfort food. However, Flores pants are not only as snug, but also the colour selection is sure to brighten your day!

Featuring nine vivid colours – Pistachio green, Fuchsia, classic Lilac, Almond brown, beige Ivory and classic Black, Mocha brown, Praline brown and Vanille cream, this collection is for playful modernists who love having fun at being fashionable.